Citizen Premieres Killer New Track 'Stain' From Sophomore Album: Exclusive

Andy Swartz

The Midwestern band Citizen has lofty aspirations for its second album. After hitting the scene with Youth in 2013, the quintet has reached the stage where it's dying to take its punk and hardcore influences and turn them into something new. Balancing melodic composure with heavy outbursts is a constant challenge for bands like this, but Citizen sounds like it knows exactly what it wants to do.

The new LP Everybody Is Going To Heaven is due June 23 on Run For Cover Records, and they're premiering a brand new song called "Stain" today.

"'Stain' was written roughly halfway through the overall writing process and I feel like it sort of shifted the color of the album," guitarist Nick Hamm tells Billboard. "I was on some Touch & Go-type influence but I think it ended up being its own monster. The original version had a completely different chorus but we spent a lot of time in the studio developing this song, specifically."

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Grungy and bass-heavy, the notes of the song's verses and pre-choruses hit like anvils dropping. But through it all, a melodic, almost soothing chorus emerges.

Hamm promises, "The spirit of the album is here -- completely dismissive of the trajectory of our peers and of the trajectory we were expected to take." 

Everybody Is Going To Heaven was recorded with producer Will Yip (Pity Sex, Title Fight, La Dispute) at Studio 4 in Philadelphia. It's up for pre-order here.

Citizen will spend its summer traversing North America on the Warped Tour, from June 19 through Aug. 8. Previously, it shared a track called "Cement" from its new album. Check it out below: