Watch Eddie Vedder Play 'Better Man' On 'Letterman'

Eddie Vedder plays "The Late Show"

Eddie Vedder plays "The Late Show"

The lights are about to turn out on David Letterman’s The Late Show, but until then the hits keep coming. 

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder took the stage overnight to pay homage to the retiring talk-show legend. And he did it with real style, giving Letterman a rocking send off with “Better Man,” a hit from the Seattle rockers’ great 1994 album Vitalogy.

David Letterman's Final 'Late Show' Guests Announced

Vedder, who teamed up with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra for his performance, rocked out some windmill chords and hammered his axe so hard he snapped a string. 

Letterman's final show is Wednesday; it's been described as "an hour filled with surprises" and there'll be a final Top Ten, though the music guest is a mystery. Check out Vedder's rendition of "Better Man" below.