Watch Tom Waits Perform a New Song, Chat With Old Pal David Letterman

Tom Waits

Tom Waits  performs "Take One Last Look" on "Late Night With David Letterman" and May 14, 2015.

Said Waits on his website: “I don't know when I will see Dave again. I guess from now on we’ll have to settle for bumping into each other at pilates."

Over David Letterman's lengthy run as Late Show host, Tom Waits made a whopping 10 guest appearances. Appropriately enough, the old growler stopped by the show one last time as part of Letterman's farewell ride into the sunset.

Letterman and guest George Clooney watched Waits perform a new song called "Take One Last Look." Check it out below:

"Take one last look at the place that you are leaving," Waits sings in this appropriate send-off, looking to the future with a positive eye: "The choice to leave was a good one." 

Waits also sat down for an interview with Letterman. Check it out below:

Letterman's last Late Show is set for May 20, before Stephen Colbert takes over.

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Waits' last studio album was 2011's Bad As Me