Kendall Schmidt Returns to His Roots With Heffron Drive's 'Division Of The Heart': Exclusive

Kendall Schmidt (aka Heffron Drive) 2015
TOLbooth Records

Kendall Schmidt (aka Heffron Drive) photographed in 2015.

The Big Time Rush singer drops the boy band sound and goes acoustic.

Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt is going back to his roots, musical and otherwise, with his most recent acoustic release Happy Mistakes: Unplugged. His band Heffron Drive (which predates his pre-boy band days) is named after the Burbank, CA street where he and guitarist Dustin Belt both lived (without even realizing it). 

Big Time Rush Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Band Mates?': Video

Their new video for "Division of the Heart" showcases the group's stripped-down aesthetic, allowing the song's message to come through. "'Division of the Heart' is so much more than a pop song," Schmidt tells Billboard. "The message of being apart, then coming back together, is relatable to everyone. From a young couple missing each other, to a woman waiting for her husband to return from fighting overseas. It's something that is deeply rooted in us all.”