Future Islands Auctions 'Letterman' Cue Cards, Samuel T. Herring's Shoes for Baltimore Charity

Future Islands
Tim Saccenti

Future Islands

Future Islands is coming to bat for its Baltimore roots with an eBay charity auction featuring memorabilia straight from frontman Samuel T. Herring's living room… literally.

The auction, which ends May 17 at 11:36 a.m. (ET), features the Converse high-tops Herring wore on the band's April 28 Letterman performance, Letterman's cue cards from that show, and a print of the art from the 2011 album On the Water, signed by the band and artist Elena Johnston. The description explains, "Sam's cat jumped on the poster when he signed it, so there's a slight crease on the print towards the bottom, but (it's) not very noticeable."

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The bundle also includes an autographed copy of Future Islands' 2014 Singles LP, their long out-of-print 2010 12-inch remix EP Post Office Wave Chapel, and their 2012 7-inch split with Ed Schrader's Music Beat.

All proceeds from the auction go towards the Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore, an initiative from the Baltimore Community Foundation. Future Islands will match the money raised, up to $5,000.

"The Baltimore Community Foundation has a long history of working with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to strengthen neighborhoods, and have always relied on the commitment and the ideas of neighborhood residents to guide this work," the auction page reads. "The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore will follow these same principles."