Between the Buried and Me Talk 'Truman Show'-Esque Concept for 'Coma Ecliptic' Album: Exclusive

Between the Buried and Me
Metal Blade Records

Between the Buried and Me photographed in 2015.

Prog metal band Between the Buried and Me is preparing to release their seventh full-length album Coma Ecliptic (out July 10). The album, according to a scene from the making-of DVD that the group is sharing exclusively on Billboard, is about pretty much what it sounds like: a coma. Except this coma has some Inception-like qualities.

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"In every song he's experiencing different past lives," lead singer Tommy Rogers says in the video of the character central to the album, "trying to find a better world to live in."

Citing The Truman Show and The Twilight Zone as influences, Rogers describes the album as a "coma within a coma with in a coma" -- more broadly, the moment "where you realize everything you've been experiencing, everything you've been living, is fake."

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Justin Reich, who directed the band's first live DVD The Parallax: Live at the Fidelitorium, also directed this new behind-the-scenes doc, The Making of Coma Ecliptic. Giving fans a peek into how the album came together, the DVD is exclusively available as a part of preorder bundles for the album.

Learn more about the concept of Between the Buried and Me's Coma Ecliptic in the clip below: