Brooklyn Folk-Poppers Oh Honey Are Almost Too Sweet to Function

The Brooklyn folk duo is in the process of introducing itself with a stream of four EPs over a little over a year’s time.

Brooklyn's Oh Honey has a plan for success. They've got the giddy harmonies and manic acoustic strumming covered, but there's more to their plan than piggybacking off the mainstream folk revivial. Since signing with Atlantic, they've adopted a clever release scheme that's kept their songwriting sharp and their fan base thirsty for more. Toss in some heartstring tugging -- or more like pulling for dear life -- and Oh Honey figures to cuddle up in a vacant corner of every Mumford & Sons fan's heart.  

Rather plopping a debut LP into an already crowded field of baby bands, Oh Honey has tossed its fans a few pop-folk nuggets at a time, giving them ample space to chew on them. "Unless you're a top tier artist like Taylor Swift, Adele, Mumford & Sons, Sam Smith, or Ed Sheeran, people really don't care about full lengths for new artists," vocalist-guitarist Mitchy Collins tells Billboard. His hypothesis is disappointing news, but he's made it work for his own band. Their 2014 breakout "Be Okay" was featured on the 100th episode of Glee and, just after finishing its first headlining tour, the band is set to play NBC's Today Show in New York tomorrow (April 29). 

Check out the video for "Be Okay":

Oh Honey kicked off the "Postcard Series" after signing with Atlantic in Feb. 2014. It began later that year via With Love and then Sincerely Yours. Wish You Were Here came in March 2015, and Until Next Time is expected this summer. Notice a common thread? "The names of the EPs are things you would sign off on a letter," says vocalist and co-songwriter Danielle Bouchard. 

Yes, everything about Oh Honey is cute and cuddly, down to the fact they named themselves after an episode of How I Met Your Mother and Williamsburg's artisanal honey movement. Their music often sounds like an auditory shoulder to cry on, but that doesn't mean it hasn't made a tangible difference. 

Check out the band's video for "Sugar You":

Collins admits he sometimes wonders if the band is making an impact in the grand scheme of things. Then he recounts how "Be Okay" was used as the theme song for a Boston Marathon support group. Bouchard tells the story of a cancer patient her mother met via the band's YouTube. "She was a big fan of 'Be Okay' and the band. Our tour was going through Denver and she came out with her daughters. She's in a wheelchair but she had an amazing time. She was like, 'We listen to all these songs on our way to our doctor appointments. It brings so much hope into my day."

Oh Honey Charms With Earnest Folk Pop, '90s Covers at New York City Performance 

Throughout the summer, Collins and Bouchard will continue double-duty, writing Until Next Time while playing a handful of dates with Ingrid Michaelson in June. One song is already in the works; for the rest, they're confident their travels will provide the inspiration. 

And to their growing fan base, rest assured: Oh Honey plans to eventually give in and craft a full length. Bouchard says to expect it "hopefully early next year."