For $646 You Can Be 100% Metal From Head to Toe

Courtesy of Diesel
Diesel Elsh-Patch denim vest with fake metal bands on patches.

Okay, $646 plus the cost of shipping.

Attention Adult Dolls and Go Wild Anywhere fans: Diesel is selling a jacket to help you express your love for these legendary bands. 

Following H&M's bizarre faux-metal clothing line, higher-end Italian company Diesel has gotten in on the fun of co-opting metal culture. Diesel is selling the jacket pictured above on its official website for the price of $298. 

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The 70 percent cotton, 26 percent polyester, 4 percent elastane-spandex sleeveless jacket features patches bearing the names of what (we figure) are supposed to pass for metal bands: Go Wild Anywhere, Adult Dolls, Death Trash. It also says "Diesel" all over it in various fonts, so maybe the others were never supposed to look real to begin with. 

It's available in sizes small through XXL but only in black. Because, you know, metal. 

But that's not all! Why not pick up a pair of Diesel jeans to complete your #metal look?

These are available for $348 in sizes 26 through 34, so metalheads with bigger waistlines will have to settle for the waist-up look.