Exclusive: Periphery Debuts 'The Bad Thing' Video

Jonathan Thorpe


Periphery's 2013 video for its track "Scarlet" was a sci-fi romp with a premise set in outer space that included orgiastic use of ketchup and mustard, and spaceships modeled after bottles of said condiments. The first video for the experimental prog outfit's double album, Juggeraut, "Alpha," was another computer-animated wonder that shows a man being forced to face the bad decisions he's made in life.

But for the video to its new single, "The Bad Thing," directed by Jeff Holcomb, Periphery took a more organic approach by using live performance footage. The material was gathered from multiple tour dates and utilizes camera angles that are shot from such perspectives as singer Spencer Sotelo's microphone and Adam "Nolly" Getgood's bass. Watch the exclusive premiere below.

"We thought that a live performance for 'The Bad Thing' video was a great way to show the intensity of the song and to show our direct expression of how it makes us feel onstage," says drummer Matt Halpern. "That being said, we hope to release more visual assets in the future that tell the Juggernaut story as a whole, rather than one song at a time."

However, according to Halpern, the treatment for the "Alpha" video "actually does not have a direct correlation to the Juggernaut story. The video is our director Wes Richardson's unique interpretation of the song separate from the storyline. In the video, you see a man struggling to gain control of his life through the use of a videogame. Although there are some elements that draw from the Juggernaut tale, it is in fact a stand-alone visualization."

Fans have clamored for an explanation of Juggernaut's concept, but Halpern is sticking with the band's party line of keeping mum. "Unfortunately, I can't divulge too many specifics, as we really want our listeners to interpret their own version of what's taking place at this point in the Juggernaut storyline," says Halpern. However, he does give a hint to the role "The Bad Thing" plays in the overall tale. Halpern says it "explains a pretty angry and aggressive part of the story. The main character has come to some pretty deep realizations about his life and is now choosing to take a bit more active approach into solving his problems."

Periphery made the ambitious move of releasing Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega on Jan. 27 in the United States on Sumerian Records. They debuted at No. 22 (Alpha) and No. 25 (Omega) on the Billboard 200 dated Feb. 14.  They have sold 29,000 (Alpha) and 27,000 (Omega) copies so far, according to Nielsen Music.