Brandon Flowers Shares Finger-Snapping, Jazz Hand-y 'Still Want You' Video

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers in the video for "Still Want You."

Even if you never liked the Killers much, there's a good chance you'll be down with Brandon Flowers' new solo album. And if you loved the Killers, then you know the drill. Either way, you'll want to check out the video for Flowers' new song "Still Want You."

The Killers' frontman has always has a flair for the dramatic, which means he's prone to getting a little silly. He gets awfully silly in this black and white music video, which features smoke machines, finger snapping, and lots and lots of choreographed hand motions, including some jazz hands. But guess what? This song is awesome and it all works out just fine. When the call and return chorus of Flowers' hook is answered by the high-pitched choral voices, "Still Want You" kicks into another gleeful gear. 

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The track comes from Flowers' second solo album, The Desired Effect, which drops May 19 on Island Records. This quote, from his interview with Billboard, pretty much sums it up:

"I knew what we were getting into when we reached out to (producer) Ariel (Rechtshaid) -- he's the funkiest white dude out there, and I needed a little of that in my life."