Pavement Facebook Page Promises 'There's Some Great News Coming Soon'

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Stephen Malkmus and Mark Ibold of Pavement perform as part of the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre on May 30, 2010 in George, Washington. 

But there’s still no official word on what the “great news” is.

Could a Pavement reunion be coming? Maybe! On April 9, the indie rock legends revived their dormant Facebook page (confirmed by Stereogum as official) and hinted at some "great news coming soon."

Founding guitarist Scott Kannberg (who goes by the alias Spiral Stairs), made many a Generation X-er's heart skip a beat by posting the following message:

hi pavement fans... spiral here. we've taken back our page after all these years... thanks to the fine folks at matador. and thanks to you for supporting us! there's some great news coming soon... in the meantime, we will be randomly posting stuff from the archive. 
hope you enjoy!

After that, more Pavement members appeared to chime in. "Happy to be an admin/reporter on this page," a comment on the original post reads. "West is hanging in Nashville with David. Is that newsworthy? Bob in Iowa."

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Do drummer Steve West and multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich have something in the works? 

Another unidentified admin posted, "As I understand it, live perfs are ruled out for '15 but not '16, beyond." The band last reunited in 2010, for a handful of reunion shows. 

Additionally, frontman Stephen Malkmus addressed the issue via Twitter:

Terror Twilight, the band's last studio full length, dropped in 1999, so there's no obvious anniversary for it in 2015. It is, however, the only Pavement studio album that hasn't received the deluxe edition treatment yet. 

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Since the initial April 9 post, the admins of the "Pavement The Rock Band" Facebook page have kept busy, posting archival photos and announcing memorabilia giveaways. Is this the extent of the "great news"? We'll have to wait and see. 

Billboard reached out to the band's label, Matador, which said Facebook page relaunch is currently the only official Pavement news.