Brian Wilson Has Never Heard of Punk Rock

Brian Wilson
David Wolff - Patrick/Getty Images

Brian Wilson performs at Le Casino de Paris on Sept. 20, 2011 in Paris, France.

Brian Wilson has been doing a fair share of press lately promoting his new studio album No Pier Pressure and biopic Love & Mercy. The legendary songsmith sat down for a Q&A with the Guardian’s Adrian Deevoy, where he gave some… well… curious responses.

For one, he apparently missed out on punk rock.

“What did you make of punk rock?” Deevoy probed, to which Wilson responded, “I don’t know what that is. Punk rock? Punk? What is that?”

After being reminded it was a “loud, aggressive musical movement that happened around 1976,” Wilson remembered, “I never went for that. I never went for the fast kind of music. I go for the more medium tempo.”

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Wilson tossed out a reference to ‘60s pop-R&B act Spencer Davis as an example of what he prefers.  

Also, more forgivably, he apparently missed out on the very influential German Krautrock act Kraftwerk (who also released their most iconic work around the time of punk). 

“Kraft-what? I don’t know them, but that sounds good.”

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Granted, it was a rather random question. Deevoy asked if Wilson had heard Kraftwerk’s song “Autobahn,” since they were in Berlin and he thought it sounded like the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.” 

At any rate, Wilson pushed his positivity in his recent interview with Billboard:

“I am proud that I have survived… Proud that I have weathered not just one storm, but a lifetime of storms."