Exclusive: Have a Blue Collar Cry as Yumi Zouma Premieres 'Alena' Video

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma

New Zealand indie electropop trio Yumi Zouma are bringing their song "Alena" to life in a video that's funny and mystifying at the same time, with a little bit of social commentary thrown in. 

"In the same way that male directors sometimes get to play out their fantasies by making videos full of hot naked women, I wanted to create a fantasy of my own," the Brooklyn-based creative team Bangs (who produced the video) tells Billboard. Watch a bunch of scruffy working class fellows come together for a tear-jerking ritual in the video, premiering exclusively via Billboard:

"Imagine that somewhere in a theoretical town, there is a group of men that gather and cry together," the statement from Bangs continues. "It's a film about men through the female gaze. The shoot ended up being a documentary, in a way. We went into it with an idea to stage these performances, but as soon as we started I realized that the scenes were real. The actors were actually the characters they were playing -- men with wives and jobs who needed this release. It was a cathartic experience for them. In between takes they would try to play it cool and joke around but then afterwards sent emails about how incredible the experience was."

The song is a good one, too. "Alena" comes from Yumi Zouma's new EP II, which dropped March 10 via Cascine. In 2014, they were named one of Billboard's 14 New Zealand Acts You Need To Know About and opened for Lorde on her New Zealand arena tour. 

Check out one more video from the trio, this one for "Catastrophe":