Modest Mouse's Next Album Will Include an Ex-Nirvana Member

Modest Mouse
Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Modest Mouse in 2014.

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic (who also played with Eyes Adrift, Sweet 75, and Flipper) will appear on the next Modest Mouse record, which the band hopes to release in 2016.

Frontman Isaac Brock broke the news in a March 24 interview with Hot Press, saying Novoselic’s part "sounds like a bunch of boulders falling down a mountain.”

The musician-political activist was rumored to appear on Modest Mouse’s most recent album (Strangers To Ourselves, which dropped March 17) but the song he appeared on was withdrawn, since the band felt it would better fit its next album.

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Speaking of that album, Brock promises it will come sooner, rather than later -- 2016, to be exact. “We basically made two records at the same time,” Brock said. “Which, if people look at it that way, cuts down the amount of time it took us to make this record in half.” 

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Strangers came eight years after Modest Mouse’s previous album (2007’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank), so fans have reason to be skeptical. But Brock at least seems to have the title out of the way:

“The title was just going to be Whatever. And the dumbest thing... I was going to misspell 'whatever'. You know like, just have it be Whabever. I just wanted to go as dumb as fucking possible -- mainly to be antagonistic and just ‘cause I kinda thought it was funny."