Exclusive: Butch Walker Performs 'Closest Thing To You I'm Gonna Find' for 'At: Guitar Center'

Butch Walker
At: Guitar Center

Butch Walker

Though he's worked with pop powerhouses Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, singer/songwriter Butch Walker is equally adept at the intimate and the impromptu. In this exclusive video for Guitar Center's At: Guitar Center webseries, Walker gives an evocative performance of his 2011 song "Closest Thing To You I'm Gonna Find" with just a Gretsch and a mic.

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The stripped down arrangement works well with the song's bluesy twang, giving it a classic feel -- just a guy and his guitar. "It's very Van Morrison inspired," Walker says of the song. "I love old Van. It's almost an homage to him."

Watch the video below, and listen to the full At: Guitar Center webseries with Walker here.