'Idol' Hits a Rough Patch at Aspen Auditions

'Idol' Hits a Rough Patch at Aspen Auditions

There was something in the mountain air of Aspen, Colorado, during Wednesday night's "Idol" auditions -- that much is certain.

For Idol's fourth audition show this season, the singing talent show made its first trip to the snowy resort town to see what it had to offer. And did Aspen disappoint? Well, that's all a matter of what you were looking for.

Contrary to previous one-hour episodes this season, Aspen's auditions featured plenty of contestants whose singing talent left much to be desired. Sure, the lows may have not reached the lows of previous seasons -- but compared to the positive precedent set this season? We'll take it!

Of course, there were some bright spots, too. Read on to find out what I thought were the five most interesting performances from Aspen, be they good or be they... well, you know.

Shelby Tweten

If there's anyone from Aspen's crop who has a chance at going far in the competition, it's this Minnesota 17 year old. Shelby was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and singing has been a source of therapy for her since a young age. Her connection to music shows. Her rendition of Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home," while not as engaging as the original, was pitch-perfect, and the judges called her "fearless as a singer." I'd say that's pretty spot-on.

Haley Smith

"Idol" hasn't exactly had a vintage-tinged female presence since season nine's Crystal Bowersox, and while 18-year-old Haley Smith may not fill Crystal's shoes completely, the Utah native certainly has a similar air about her. The self-described vegetarian-working-in-the-meat-department possesses one of the most unique voices of the competition thus far, and her performance of "Tell Me Something Good" was delightfully innocent and relaxed. She's unassuming, and that could do wonders.

Angie Zeiderman

Watch out, Gaga -- Angie Zeiderman's hot on your tail. The quirky singer almost seemed like a performance artist at first, breaking into a busy, show tune-y audition that involved a whole lot of gyrating and dancing in addition to singing. Right, OK. But she turned it around with a rendition of "Blue Bayou," which wasn't spectacular, but certainly got the job done -- she received three "yes" votes. Her time on the show will probably be short-lived, but while we have her, she'll be fun to watch.

Tealana Hedgespeth

Ah, delusioned singers, how we missed thee. Nineteen-year-old Tealana (change one letter of her first name, and you get a lovely tea shop!) auditioned after claiming to have lived in her sister's shadow for basically her entire life. Yeah, singing isn't going to be the thing that slots Tealana above her sibling, that's for sure. She hasn't been the worst of the worst by far, but the problem with her audition is that she seems to have a high self-confidence. Awkward.

Magic Cyclops

Magic Cyclops may be one of the most troubling contestants in recent years, chiefly due to his lack of authenticity. While past "so bad they're good" auditioners seemed to believe in what they were doing, Mr. Cyclops came off as a ho-hum stab at simply getting onto the show by a bad local comedian. Not funny, certainly not talented... come on, "Idol," is this the best you can give us?! That accent. Just... that accent. No. Never.

Also worth checking out: Jairon Jackon's judge-impressing original song, Richie Law's deep southern twang, Curtis Gray's take on Boyz II Men.

What "Idol" contestant did you enjoy during Aspen's auditions? Tell us the comments, and tune in to FOX Thursday night at 8 p.m. for the Texas round of auditions.