'The Voice' Recap: Cheesa and Mathai React to Elimination, Talk Future

'The Voice' Recap: Cheesa and Mathai React to Elimination, Talk Future

Remaining Singers Talk Next Steps on the Hit Show

Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine were handed simple tasks after America selected Jamar Rogers and Tony Lucca as performers who would be moving on to the next round in NBC's "The Voice."

Rogers and Lucca were no-brainers as were the two performers Green and Levine selected to move forward, Juliet Simms and Kristina Parker, as not one single-monikered singer made it to the final eight. Both singers, who had to perform along with the two sent packing, delivered performances full of character and brio, clearly outclassing their competitors. Tuesday night's show saw the elimination of Mathai and Cheesa.

"I feel overwhelmed and I'm grateful that [coach Cee Lo] supported me throughout this whole thing," Cheesa told Billboard on the red carpet. "He's still supporting me, he told me to call him -- [looks into camera] I don't forget! -- so, I'm looking forward to my future."

That future, she said, includes an album and hopefully some touring. "Because of Cee Lo, because of 'The Voice,' I truly believe in my talent and that this is not the end," she said.

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"I've been doing well by Jamar," Green told Billboard after the elimination show Tuesday, noting he was a unique case in that the mentor can fully trust the competitor. Green sized up the competition in an intriguing way, noting that as simple as it sounds, "their greatest achievement is to be themselves" and to get there they must answer the question of "what song is a true extension of yourself and your story?"

Coincidently, we asked the various members of Green's and Levine's teams on Monday where they saw themselves heading. Here are their responses:

Rogers (Team Cee lo): "Skrillex meets Cee lo with more room to sing. Electro rock. I want to show people I am relevant and can move some units today."

Lucca (Team Adam): "I'll probably sit at the piano or the guitar and do something more singer-songwriter oriented, acoustic, which is my wheelhouse. A lot of being here has been about growing in different directions, but at the end of the day it's about getting a record deal and selling a ton of records. Even though I have been digging in the trenches with the singer-songwriter indie artist thing, it may be time to settle in on something more specific and more identifiable and be a brand."

Simms (Team Cee lo): "I'm a songwriter so if I can jump in on a song and rewrite it my way, I will. I love doing that. I'm definitely going to do something current; it's important that I do that."

Parker (Team Adam): "Honestly, for everything I do that's not an Adele song, people still think I did an Adele song. The way I figure it, if they have to compare me to someone, why not Adele? Maybe it's because I'm pasty and currently blond and plus size, but she is a great singer of our time. I love the comparison."