'American Idol' Recap: The Songs of Queen, Plus a Few Surprises

'American Idol' Recap: The Songs of Queen, Plus a Few Surprises

The surprise elimination of Colton Dixon during last week's "American Idol" must have shocked the remaining hopefuls into going for broke, because Wednesday night's (April 25) edition featuring the top six was a tough one to judge -- even for the judges themselves.

The contestants doubled up on performances once again Wednesday night, beginning with staples from the band

7. Jessica Sanchez - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

I'm going to talk first about how much I hated this arrangement. Seriously, "Idol," stop doing "Bohemian Rhapsody." The rendition is always so disjointed because it's the kind of song you simply can't fit into two minutes. That said, Jessica sounded great on the non-rock parts of the song. And when they projected her three heads singing backup vocals behind her in Queen fashion... oh my god, was I the only one who totally lost it? I want that moment framed and put up on my wall.

8. Elise Testone - "Bold as Love"

The judges nabbed Elise for choosing a Hendrix classic that no one apparently knows. Maybe the general "Idol" audience doesn't know it, but I think Elise stopped trying to appeal to that demographic long ago. I love that she was so audacious that she decided to go with Hendrix at all, and the vocal was spot-on, but it didn't grab me as the kind of performance we'd see from an "Idol" winner, as it was too spoken-word scatting at times -- hence my lower rating.

9. Joshua Ledet - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

We heard Joshua do the over-the-top, up-tempo sing/shout a few weeks ago with "Runaway Baby," and I loved it. Here... not so much. I'm not so sure Joshua could have done much different with the song, because holding back is usually not his style, so perhaps it was just a bad song choice. But he got yet another standing ovation from the judges, so maybe I was just missing something. Or maybe I just want to see Joshua do more "Ready for Love"-type stuff. Pleaaase?

10. Skylar Laine - "Tattoos on This Town"

I have a love-hate relationship with Skylar's twang. Sometimes, like when she's singing a similarly-voiced female country artist, she sounds ready for prime time. Conversely, there's times when she sounds like a mere caricature of the original performer -- in this case, Jason Aldean. There was nothing inherently bad about her rendition, but it didn't leave much of a mark, becoming possibly her most forgettable performance yet.

11. Phillip Phillips - "The Stone"

Phillip finally did a Dave Matthews Band song! But if you were expecting "What Would You Say?" or "Crash Into Me" (you know, some of the DMB songs people actually know), confusion abounded. Phillip decided to dig into the back catalog with "The Stone." Phillip still sounded great, and the accompanying fiddler was especially on her mark, but Phillip needed a bigger performance than this. Save it for the post-"Idol" career, Phil!

12. Hollie Cavanagh - "Save Me"

Hollie just wasn't all there when she sang Queen, though. Instead, she was the usual little adorbz girl who sings well but not well enough compared to the rest in that moment. After a killer first round from her cohorts, she needed much more than that. Kind of boring, too. But I think all of us were feeling sorry for her when J-Lo launched into some way-too-long tirade about connecting to the song. Calm yourself, J-Lo!

Should Be in the Bottom Three: Based on the performances alone, Hollie, Elise and Phillip had the roughest nights.

Will Be: I'm not even going to bother. This show is that unpredictable these days. Talk amongst yourselves.

How would you rate Wednesday's performances? Who will end up in the bottom three and who of those will be going home? Let loose in the comments and check out "Idol" tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX for the results.