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'American Idol' Recap: Not a Lotta Love for Eliminated Elise Testone

'American Idol' Recap: Not a Lotta Love for Eliminated Elise Testone

After weeks in the bottom three, the votes finally fell against the favor of "American Idol" contestant Elise Testone.

The rocker, known for her raspy renditions of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and Billy Joel's "Vienna," was sent packing after 58 million votes decided her stabs at Queen and Jimi Hendrix were not enough to keep her in the competition.

Of course, anyone watching the show each week could have seen the elimination coming for quite some time -- it was all a matter of when it happened. Elise, too, seemed resigned to her fate most weeks, knowing that no matter what she did, chances were she'd be in the bottom three and at risk of elimination.

So the soulful lady, who was never really able to connect with the show's younger demographic, went for it on her own terms instead, capped off by a Wednesday night performance of Hendrix's "Bold as Love" that, while pleasing to the ears, was likely lost on a younger generation.

Elise ended her run on the show by singing her trademark song, "Whole Lotta Love," with nearly as much passion as the first time. She will be missed.

Joining Elise in the bottom three was fellow bottom-three dweller Hollie Cavanagh, whose acclaimed version of "The Climb" couldn't garner her enough votes, and Skylar Laine, the country girl who was only making her second trip to the other side of the stage facing the prospect of elimination.

Katy Perry returned to the "Idol" stage Thursday night singing her new hit "Part of Me," dropping in from the ceiling among her dancers in keeping with the Marine theme of the song's video. Season 10 finalist Stefano also returned with his debut single, "I'm on a Roll," which was exactly what one might have expected considering the singer's run on the show: melodic, but sort of all over the place.

The evening began with Queen Extravaganza, which is apparently an "official" such band, if that makes sense. Singer Marc Martel sounded magnificent, as did his three backups on the song "Somebody to Love." The group was flanked by surviving Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor by song's end.

Did the right singer go home? Is it only a matter of time before Hollie joins Elise on the sideline? What did you think of the three live performances? Let us know in the comments!