'Voice' Producers Land Another Singing Battle at NBC

'Voice' Producers Land Another Singing Battle at NBC

The producers of "The Voice" have taken its battle rounds set in a boxing ring and turned it into another singing show for NBC.

The network, which airs "The Voice," has given a green light to "The Winner Is," a vocal game show featuring head-to-head singing duels. Contestants will be soloists and groups, with no limits on age or professional credits.

There are no details about an air date, host, contestants or judges.

The show's ultimate cash prize is $1 million, but singers will be given chances to negotiate deals with their opponents after competing. Before hearing their fate, the contestants will be given the chance to step out of the competition in exchange for a predetermined cash prize.

A panel of judges will make the rulings; none have been cast yet and at least one of the judges will be a celebrity.

Talpa Media USA, which produces "The Voice," will produce the show with John de Mol as executive producer. De Mol is the creator and one of the producers of "The Voice."

Like other competition shows, singers will be eliminated in various rounds. In this case, the amount of money increases with every round. In the finale, eight singers will duel and negotiate until there are two singers left. At that point, the singers can risk a vote from the judges or throw in the towel and walk away with $100,000.