Kree Let Candice Sing Last, Despite Winning 'American Idol' Coin Toss

Ray Mickshaw / FOX
AMERICAN IDOL: Kree Harrison performs on AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday, May 15, on FOX.

"That is just Kree and that's her everyday," Glover says of Harrison. "She doesn't think about herself at all and puts everybody before her"

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison took the stage at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre Wednesday night for one final "American Idol" performance. The ladies put up quite a fight -- Harrison winning the crowd over with her original tune in the second round and Glover bringing the venue to its feet during her show closing rendition of the classic "I (Who Have Nothing)."

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During the performance, the Top 2's potential singles were revealed. Following the broadcast, Glover told reporters that she connected with her song, "I Am Beautiful," on a personal and emotional level and found it very relatable to things she's experienced in her life. "I got emotional in the middle of the song, but I couldn't stop because I didn't want to go off key. Then at the end I got emotional again because of the lyrics. Even when I first heard the song I got emotionally connected to it so it was definitely easy to put myself into the lyrics and I like the song," she explained.

Harrison, who performed her original "All Cried Out" during the competitions second round, says that lyrically and melodically, her song was perfect for her. "I couldn't have wrote it better myself. I don't know if they wrote it for me or if it was just in their catalog and they pitched it to me but whatever the case, I'm so thankful that I'm given this and that was the best part of tonight for me was being able to sing my single hopefully to all of these people. The energy in the room was insaneā€¦unbelievable."

The ladies reflected on how far they've come in the competition; Harrison admitting to starting the competition with an apprehension for performing emotional songs. "I had always had a wall up because I didn't want to get to that point where I couldn't handle the lyrics and I couldn't really get it out. I found that there's a happy medium with connecting with all of you and really showing your heart through the lyrics though so I think that it's just been this journey that's helped me figure that out."

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Glover explained that she doesn't think she would have won the past seasons of "Idol" that she auditioned for and explained that she finally feels ready this year. "This year I am more of an artist and I do know myself a little bit better."

Harrison addressed her rationale for letting Glover go second last night, explaining that she asked her competitor which order she'd like to compete in and, upon winning the coin toss, simply honored her request. "That is just Kree and that's her everyday. She doesn't think about herself at all and puts everybody before her," added Glover. When reporters suggested that it may have gone against Harrison's best interest to allow Glover to close with such an epic performance, she replied with, "I just said, 'Hey when do you want to go?' and she said, 'Last.' I don't think about that stuff. I just had so much fun singing, first, last, tenth."

When asked how they would celebrate if they won the competition, Glover said she hasn't given much thought and is taking everything "day by day." Harrison on the other hand revealed that her birthday is the day after the finale. "Vote for me for my birthday!" she joked. Glover added that she honestly doesn't know if she'll win or not but is excited for tonight's results show as it will be "like a party" and involve "singing with some awesome people and having a good time no matter what."