Candice Glover 'Still in a Daze' After Earning 'Idol' Finale Spot

American Idol/FOX
Candice Glover

Candice Glover is no stranger to the “American Idol” stage. The Charlotte, North Carolina, singer auditioned for season nine, failing to make the cut after Simon Cowell commented that he couldn’t see her being anything but a lounge singer. In season 11, Glover came back for another round of “Idol” auditions, this time making it to the Top 40 in Las Vegas. One year later, Glover is prepping for the “Idol” finale and will soon find out whether or not she is this season’s winner.

Following last week’s results show, a stunned Glover appeared backstage in a daze over America voting her into the finale. Prior to speaking with reporters, the vocal powerhouse apologized in the event that she zoned out in the middle of interviews as she was still taking it all in. Glover admitted to hating her performances last week, labeled herself a “perfectionist,” and revealed that though she’s thirsty for the title, she’s extremely grateful to have made it this far.

You’re going to the finale!

If I'm talking and in the middle of me talking, I go like this [stares blankly], I'm still in a daze!

What's better -- now or when you met Drake?

Definitely now. But Drake is like [gestures with hands close together]. But definitely now. I've been wanting this for... my [whole] life!

Realistically, did you think that this was going to happen?

Realistically, every week I practice my song for when I get cut. I mean, just 'cause you have a good week doesn't mean that no one else doesn't. So you can't just go home and be like, "Oh, I did good. I'm going through." I never feel that way, 'cause everybody did a good job. So I was definitely surprised.

What were you telling yourself during last week’s performance night?

In the first song, when they said that I was sharp, I agreed because I know when I'm doing something wrong. Mariah [Carey] said she could see in my face that I knew I was off. So I wasn't happy with, to be honest, any of my performances yesterday! I didn't like any of them.

Even the third one ["Somewhere"]?

No. I mean, that was my favorite one, but I still didn't like it. I don't like anything... I'm a perfectionist and I can always find something that I could've done better. I always beat myself and be like "You know, you could've done better. What is your problem? Get it together." That's how I treat myself. So this morning, I woke up and I was like, "You know what? Today is a crucial day, but no matter what, you guys are the Top 3. This is your third time. Top 3 is not bad! So make sure you're not going to be crawling all over the stage crying if you go home tonight. It's going to be okay." I gave myself the talk: "If you go home, it's all right."

Were you surprised when Ryan announced that you were proceeding to the finale?

When Ryan called my name, I was so surprised! Did you see me run? That's the same dance that I did when I made Top 10. So, you see me do that, then I'm happy beyond words, and that's all I can do at that moment.

Were you surprised about Angie?

I was definitely shocked about Angie. I went through this whole thing like, "You know, Angie is going to win it. Angie's going to win." Angie has an amazing voice. Angie has the personality. When we were doing like Ford commercials and everything, she was the only one that could get our energy up. We were dead and she was like, "Okay, you guys! You know what we have to do!" We needed that, and I'm gonna miss it, [though] I'm still going to see her next week, because she's Top 3. Either way, I'm going to miss her so much because she brought the sunshine. She was just this cute little ball of sunshine. She's taught me how to be more energetic and more into it. I just used to go with the flow and be like, "Alright. Just do it," but she brought the energy that all of us needed. I was definitely surprised because she is super talented, and I have an idea that she would be top of the charts by next year. Or sooner!

Do you want to win?

Yeah! I mean, I auditioned for the show! Everybody wants to win. But Top 3 is amazing. And Kree is also amazing. No matter what happens, I am so happy and so grateful that I got this far.

What do you think about the fact that you're part of Randy's last season?

Randy's been there all the times that I was here, so he saw me grow and he saw me become an artist, not just a singer. I admire him, and I always look forward to his opinions. I definitely don't think any season after this is ever going to be the same without "Yo dawg!" I don't even know; he might need to rethink that! I think the show is not going to be the same without Randy ever.

You should have a little talk with him.

Yeah. I think he'll listen to me.

What are your strategies going into next week? What are you going to do to recharge your batteries?

I definitely need like eight hours of sleep, at least!

Eight hours total in between now and then?

That's probably all that I'm going to get between now and the finale. But definitely mentally preparing myself and really digging deep into my songs, 'cause, you know, this week, we didn't have time. We went home for the hometown thing, so there wasn't really time to dig into our songs and get them the way we really wanted. This time, we definitely have to work harder, 'cause these performances are what is going to determine if you win or not. So mentally and musically, everything -- preparing.

How are you celebrating making it to the finale?

I'll probably just hang out with my family. I'm boring!