Angie Miller Q&A: On Her 'Shocking' Elimination, Randy's Exit and Her Post-'American Idol' Plans

It's official. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are headed to the finale next week where one will be crowned the next American Idol. While the duo advanced, it was revealed that 19-year-old Boston-native, Angie Miller, would be sent home. The studio audience gasped during Thursday's results show as Ryan Seacrest called Miller's name, passing her the mic to grace the Idol stage for one last solo performance. Though overcome by emotion, Miller left America with a heartfelt rendition of Colton Dixon's "Never Gone." She was then joined on stage by her family who embraced her as she finished the tune.

Following the show, Miller told reporters that she is ready to embark upon her music career. "This is only the beginning," she chirped. The Miley Cyrus lookalike says she's looking forward to performing on both the Idol finale and tour and is ready to crank out more original tunes.

How are you feeling? Are you OK?
Yeah. I'm good. I'm not disappointed. I know that this is only the start. I'm not going to lie, it was a little shocking but it was a good kind of shocking because I know that this is just the start. It's bitter and sweet. I guess there is another plan, right?

You kept your composure very well though – especially when you had to sing at the end.
I sounded like crap [Laughs].

You got through it though.
I did!

That has to be the toughest thing in the world. "You're being sent home… now sing!"
I was like, "Do I have to?"

How did you think tonight was going to go?
Well I definitely thought that with the hometown visit and with how huge social media has been… I did feel kind of confident that I was going to make it into the finale. I'm not going to lie.

Who did you feel like you were going to be with in the finale?
Either of them.  It doesn't matter. They are both incredible. They are amazing. I don't know. I just know that I'm excited to sing in finale next week and for the tour.

Coming in third, do you feel like you'll be able to have more control over your career and can put out more of your own original music?
That's the thing. I'm excited to see what labels…and to get signed and stuff like that. I'm really excited to start the future because I know that I want to make albums. I want to be on TV shows and acting and singing and everything. I'm excited to see the offers that are going to come because I really can't wait to start planning the future… more original songs and everything!

What did your parents and your brother say to you?
My brother goes," Well I guess I'm not shaving until you win a Grammy." I was like, "Oh John!"

Are you still going to make him audition though? You mentioned in the past that if you won Idol that he agreed that he had to audition!
Yeah so no I guess he doesn't have to audition. He's probably like, "Yes!"

What did the judges say to you after they left their table?
They all pretty much said, "Girl. This is not over! You're still going to do incredible things." Coming from them that means everything.

When you come back for your first single next year is it going to be weird with a different judging panel to sing in front of?
If there are new judges?

Well Randy announced today that he's not coming back…
I mean I love all the judges and whoever it is, it would be a pleasure to sing in front of whoever it is.

What do you think will be lacking from the panel because Randy will be missing?
I mean Randy's always brought a lot and he's always been so kind to me and said amazing stuff to me. He's been a great judge. I'm sure it will be different without him but all the judges have just been incredible and said amazing stuff to me.

Keith has been a big supporter of you. Are you going to keep in touch with him?
I would love to yeah. I mean they are all so incredible and they brought me here -- I mean America has but they initially brought me here so it would be incredible to work with them and stay in touch with them.

Can you give us a taste of what we can expect at the finale?
I'm so excited about the finale. First of all, Candice and Kree are going to kill it. I can't wait to watch them and their singles and the winning moment. It's just going to be incredible and I'm excited to sing again. No matter what I'll be able to sing on stage. Yay! No matter what it's going to be an amazing night.

What is the one memory you'll talk about when you think of American Idol down the line?
Honestly when I think of this whole experience and people ask me, "What's the first thing that comes to your mind? What's the best moment?" It was when I was able to sing "You Set Me Free" my original song. Being able to have this platform on this show and being able to sing my song in front of this many people – that really was the launch. That was the start. That's when everything changed for me and I feel like that song and that moment will be able to carry me on into the future and I can't wait to record it.

What's the one thing that you're going to take away with you through the show that is going to stick with you and push you throughout your career?
I've learned so much on the show – just grown so much and learned what to do as a performer and as an artist and just as a person. I've found so much out about myself. In the midst of everything going on around you, it's just finding yourself and where you fit and never to lose that.

What are you most looking forward to now that you don't have the pressure of having to perform in front of the judges?
Oh it's going to be cool singing this coming Thursday and on the tour and not being judged – just singing your heart out. That's going to be a good feeling and just doing full songs and stuff. It's going to be so cool.

Do you know if you can do your one of your own songs on the tour?
I'm hoping I can. I hope so.

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