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Mark Ballas of 'Dancing With the Stars' Talks Debut Album: Video Exclusive

Mark Ballas, a two-time champion on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," has plans to strut his stuff on a different stage.

The Emmy-nominated dancer and choreographer is gliding out with his first solo full studio album and today drops a teaser video -- for which Billboard has the first glimpse.

Ballas made his name from 12 seasons working the floors on "Dancing," but he’s no slouch in the music arena. He's classically trained on the flamenco guitar -- as the clip reveals -- and he’s been playing music since the age of nine.

The behind-the-scenes video teaser, Ballas tells Billboard, is “a trailer for what you can be expecting at a live show or when the album is finally complete.” The new set should showcase his singing, songwriting and guitar-playing skills.

He adds, “I think it gives you a really clear taste of what's to come.” And there is almost certainly more to come. “All of this work will lead to my first full studio production album,” explains Ballas, “where I get to show my true style and musical direction."

Ahead of his forthcoming album release, Ballas has been working with the likes of producers from Timbaland's camp including Wizz Dumb and Jim Beanz, plus the Stereotypes. And he's been doing co-writes with Jozzy, BC Jean and Clarence Coffee, Jr.

Ballas has been working away at his debut for several years. Though his people haven't announced a release date yet, what they are saying is to expect an album with touches of jazz and blues, merged with rock, funk and flamenco and international pop, and highlighted by big urban beats.

Ballas recently signed a deal with BMG ahead of the album's release.