'American Idol' Final Four Talk Song Choices, Challenges and Drake

Candace Glover, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, and Kree Harrison told reporters that they had an inkling that something was up during the most recent "American Idol" results show, especially given the fact that the judges had failed to use their save on Janelle Arthur the week before.

"We didn’t hear anything but we all guessed it," said Holcomb. Miller, on the other hand, was a bit worried when the contestants were split into pairs of two and then the show went to commercial break. "Nigel came up to me and Kree and was like, ‘So the band knows your save song right?" Harrison added that she was practicing her farewell song during the commercial break just in case. "We’ll have to find a way to get [Nigel] back," she exclaimed.

While the ladies will all progress to next week , Seacrest did reveal that the votes that were cast would not go to waste. The 38 million votes will be rolled over and will be go into next week’s tally. For that reason, the bottom two "Idol" contestants are still concerned.

"That makes it more on be because I was still in the bottom," said Holcomb who added that next week she plans to "kill, kill, kill" it with her performance. Glover revealed that her strategy will come down to choosing the right songs for the competition going forward. "Song choice is everything," explained Holcomb. "Yeah I know that now," added Glover who received some flack from Jimmy Iovine for selecting mediocre songs this week.

The ladies told reporters that they have already finalized theirs songs for the upcoming performance night. As they approach the final weeks on the show, the girls plan to step up the rehearsals and run through their songs "a million" times.

The final four also touched on the episode's surprise appearance by Drake who came on the show to provide Glover with some inspirational words.

"I could not believe that happened. I think I was too strung out to even cry. I didn’t even know what was going on and they were like, 'Oh, he couldn’t make it.' And I thought, 'Oh, alright, he sent a message. When I heard everybody scream I was like, 'oh okay!'"

Added Miller, "You need to understand her love for Drake. We understand! Honestly, we weren’t cheering because Drake was there. We were cheering because we were like, 'Yeah! Candice!'"