Lazaro Arbos Eyes 'Glee' Role, Is Proud to Be 'Winner' on 'American Idol'

A girl hasn't won "American Idol" since Season 6, when Jordin Sparks was crowed the victor. That all changed Thursday night when Lazaro Arbos was sent home, leaving an all-girl Top 5. On the latest results show, Ryan Seacrest announced that Kree Harrison and Candace Glover are America's current favorites. Despite the judge's continuous praise, Amber Holcomb found herself at the bottom of the pecking order, along with Arbos -- who the judges did not "save" tonight.

Backstage after the show, Arbos was in good spirits. He joked about looking forward to getting some post-"Idol" sleep and told reporters that he was excited to be back next month for the Season 12 finale. The 21-year-old revealed that his next goal is to convince Ryan Murphy to cast him on an upcoming episode of "Glee." He also divulged that, despite the critics labeling him "the worst Idol contestant ever," he's satisfied with his efforts on the show and is technically "the winner of the boys."

How are you feeling?
I am excited to go home and sleep, darling. Yes, that is my main goal now!

Has it been that taxing on you?
No, it has not, but I think that we've been in such a box for so long that it's kind of cool to go off -- like, ‘Bye guys, I'll talk to you soon!' So it's not that saddening. [Laughs]

Did you have a feeling at all that it might happen?
I don't know. My thing was I know my first song wasn't the best song, but I think I came back with my last song, but that wasn't enough. So I wasn't shocked.

When they separated you into the groups did you have a feeling which group you were in?
When they separated us, I felt that I was going home because – I have a best friend and she's Amber, so I love her – but she hasn't been getting the most votes, so I kind of thought I was going home. But I said if they saved me and not her I was going to get so mad!

Nicki came on stage to say goodbye to you, which we thought was very nice of her and she posed for a pic with you.
Well, you know, I love her, she loves me. Regardless of what she says on camera, I love her and she knows that and we talk after.

What did she say to you?
She invited me to the club! [Laughs] No, no, no she didn't. Not yet. No she said that I will be fine regardless because I have a lot of people that love me and that she's not worried about me.

So you're rooting for Amber to win now?
I am technically not allowed to say who I want to win, but when you watch the show back, just look at the girl that cried the most and then you'll see who I want to win!

What did Amber say to you when you were leaving?
We have been best friends since day one, I'm not sure why, we just clicked. She was so sad and I'm like, "No. Don't be sad because my main goal wasn't to win a TV show. My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people that love to me and I think I'm one step closer to that." So I don't want to win - no. As long as I get signed and go on tour and people buy my records, I'll be fine. But I will say she has to win.

It seems like you've gained so much confidence throughout this experience.
Yes I did. Six months ago, I had never rode a plane by myself. I never did anything by myself, so I think that the show molded me so much and gave me so much skin and I'm so tough now. I don't care what anyone says about me, I know who I am and that's that.

So the person we first met in the package who was quiet and spent a lot of time by himself and didn't have many friends has all changed for you?
Yes, but I haven't gone out into the real world yet, I'll have to see if I have friends now [Laughs]. But as long as I have one friend that counts, that's the best thing.

What are you looking forward to the most on tour?
I am so excited to go on tour because I want to meet my fans so bad. I love to travel, so I'd love to see the whole country and maybe go to the Philippines. I've never gone to the other side of the world so going to the Philippines will be nice. I am excited.

Are you going to start working on an album?
My next goal is to get on "Glee." So I am trying to contact Ryan Murphy, so if he stops by, tell him to call me so I can be on that show.

Jessica Sanchez is doing it.
Yeah, she's doing it! It's possible! Ryan, call me maybe! [Sings] Call me maybe!

Do you feel like you went out on a high note?
No, like I said, we never expect to get voted off, so we don't really go over our save song, so it's kind of like a last minute thing. I think I did well. I think I had some "da-da-da," you know, but I think that like overall it was a good song.

And the second song last night was great too, so you should be proud.
I know, yeah!

Did you have fun being the only boy for a while?
Well, for a week! Such a short time. I got to boss the girls around -- no. They're probably like yes, "He's gone! We are gonna win now!"

Except for Amber.
Yeah, She's so sad! I know.

But you were the top boy.
Yeah! I won for the boys. I am the next American Boy Idol!