Site That Urges 'Idol' Watchers to 'Vote for the Worst' to Close

They openly mocked American Idol season 10's Paul McDonald as their favored "White Guy With A Guitar" contestant.  They famously bragged about keeping season four's Scott Savol in the competition long past his expiration date. And then there was the never-ending love and support for season six's most polarizing contestant: Sanjaya Malakar.

And now, Vote For The Worst creator Dave Della Terza is bringing it all to an end. After nine years of operation, the website that claims responsibility for being a thorn in the side of the Fox singing competition will call it quits at the end of season 12.

"It's been a fun ride for the last 9 seasons of 'American Idol' and various other terrible reality shows," the VFTW creator wrote Sunday. "Some wonderful person has paid off Nicki Minaj to help take down the show in the most dramatic and flamboyant way possible, so let's take advantage."

Why did he choose season 12 as the site's swan song? Della Terza explained his view that the show is "no longer relevant."

"VFTW has accomplished our one true goal: making sure that America stops taking 'American Idol' and other singing reality shows seriously," he said. "We're leaving before we get completely bored with a show that really should have bowed out gracefully a few years ago."

VFTW began its reign in 2004, at first championing season three contestants Jasmine Trias and John Stevens. The idea, Della Terza said, was to get America to laugh at a show that was beginning to take itself "too seriously."

"'American Idol' has become a shell of its former self. It used to produce stars and it used to be must-see TV. Now, you can count on a bunch of bland finalists singing the same 10 songs over and over with maybe one contestant becoming a one-hit wonder," he said. "We helped kill 'American Idol,' but even more so, 'American Idol' helped kill itself by refusing to stay relevant. The show will be lucky to last a few more unmemorable seasons."

Della Terza thanked the website's most prominent supporters, Howard Stern and David Letterman, and told fans: "Let's enjoy it for all it's worth, and make sure to get the contestants America hates one step closer to winning a meaningless prize. And when our fun contestants go home, let's make sure we crown White Guy With Guitar #6."