Madonna Invites You Into Her Intimate 'Madame X' Experience in New Trailer: Exclusive

Madonna's "Madame X" concert film debuts Friday on Paramount+.

Madonna dropped a new trailer for her upcoming tour doc Madame X on Tuesday (Oct. 5), exclusively on Billboard, revealing the dramatic staging and rococo costumes in the feature film about the global adventures of her sexy secret agent character.

"Sometimes I despair, sometimes I have hope, sometimes I don't know, sometimes I feel... pushed," the singer whispers in the quick-cut intro to the 80-second teaser cued to the album's "Ciao Bella," flashing through a half-dozen scenes of Madonna in her eyepatch-rocking Madame X character. There are also scenes of the black-and-white dance number from Madonna's daughter Lourdes sprinkled throughout the new preview.

The Paramount+ concert film premiered at the Times Square Edition Hotel in New York City last month and will debut on the streaming service this Friday (Oct. 8). The unique, 75-date theater tour in support of Madonna's 14th album, Madame X, kept her on the road for a year, from September 2019 until just before the pandemic lockdown began, wrapping up with a March 8, 2020, gig in Paris.

“There was nothing between me and the crowd, and that was an incredible experience,” Madonna said at the premiere of the tour film. “I needed to document that — the process, the rehearsals, the show itself, what was in my mind, what inspires certain songs. It’s a different show, it’s a different time in my life.”

The concert movie gives viewers a look at the tour through Madonna's eyes and those of her fearless freedom fighting alter ego, Madame X; the film was co-directed by Nuno Xico and Sasha Kasiuha. The preview clip hints at the tour's merging of theater staging, elaborate costuming and provocative projections, with the pop icon at the center of the moodily lit action.

Check out the trailer below, and sign up for Paramount+ here.