Lizzo Calls Janet Jackson the 'Queen of Pop' & Madonna Fans Aren't Happy About It

Lizzo is calling out the greats of each genre, but Madonna's fans weren't so thrilled to see whom the "Truth Hurts" singer crowned the "Queen of Pop."

On Sunday (Aug. 29), the Grammy-winning pop superstar started singing the praises of Usher, whom she called the "king of r&b," and more artists who lead the most popular genres. She hailed Michael Jackson (on his birthday, no less) as the King of Pop and his sister Janet Jackson as the queen, but she was met with uproar in the replies.

"Thats only Queen of pop Is Madonna, Not Janet Jackson," one user wrote while sharing a regal photo of Madge. Another person commented, "Madonna is the queen of pop. Janet is amazing and worthy of a prestigious title but Madonna is officially QoP and has been for many years."

But some users offered rebuttals in support of Jackson, with one person arguing, "Madonna is not queen of pop to everyone (just to some institutions) Janet on the other hand is most influential and most copied blue print for the females, we all know deep down who the real queen of pop is #JanetJackson." Another user suggested it would be more appropriate to call Jackson the Empress of Pop."

Lizzo later appointed Justin Bieber as the Prince of Pop, with Britney Spears crowned as the princess and Rihanna being the Pop of Princess. But watch the throne, because Beyoncé is the Queen of Music.

"Obviously there’s a new school coming… but these are the greats . This is the standard," the "Rumors" singer claimed in her concluding tweet.

See which other artists Lizzo thinks is part of the "standard" of music below.