Billie Eilish Says She 'Owed Los Angeles Some Love' With 'Happier Than Ever' Concert Special

Billie Eilish
Courtesy Photo

Billie Eilish on Good Morning America, August 25, 2021.

Billie Eilish stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday (Aug. 25) to talk about her upcoming Happier Than Ever concert special and why her Los Angeles base is so special to her.

The 19-year-old pop superstar performs her sophomore album Happier Than Ever, which is spending its third week atop the Billboard 200, top to bottom at the iconic Hollywood Bowl for her Disney+ concert special Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, which premieres Sept. 3. "It tells a story," she tells GMA's Will Reeve.

Eilish says she dedicated the love letter to her Los Angeles hometown because "it formed me, it made me who I am and gave me the opportunities that I got. I don't think I'd have any of the same anything if it wasn't for my hometown," Eilish explains. "I owed Los Angeles some love."

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles was directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Spy Kids) and Oscar-winner Patrick Osborne (Wreck-It-Ralph, Bolt) and promises to take viewers on a "dreamlike journey through Billie’s hometown of Los Angeles and its most iconic backdrops."

"I definitely have fantasies about L.A.," Eilish says in voice-over at the beginning of the glamorous animated trailer before the camera overlooks the City of Angels at night.

That same skyline served as the backdrop of the live premiere event of Eilish's Emmy-nominated documentary The World's a Little Blurry, where she told Apple Music's Zane Lowe how much the city shaped her as a person and as a musician. "L.A. really just formed who I was, having everything right at my hands. I mean, it still took work and stuff, but I think it helped a lot," she said at the time. "And L.A. is just beautiful and home to me. I've never lived anywhere else."

Watch her GMA interview below.