10 Cool New Pop Songs to Get You Through The Week: Victoria Monét, Wet, Joy Crookes & More

Victoria Monet
Alex Harper*

Victoria Monet

Looking for some motivation to help power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Victoria Monét, Wet, Joy Crookes and Juice will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists -- or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

Victoria Monét, “Coastin’”

“We wanted this song to represent that freedom to finally go outside,” says Victoria Monét of “Coastin’,” her new single produced by The Stereotypes, in a press release; indeed, the track’s drum snaps, shimmering keys and creeping bass line all sound primed for post-lockdown euphoria, with Monét’s sensual vocal delivery and flirtatious lyrics drawing the listener in even closer.

Nea & Shy Martin, “No Regrets”

Although singer-songwriters Nea and Shy Martin both come from tiny villages in the Swedish countryside, they’re each capable of creating tracks that encourage movement in crowded spaces. Case in point: new collaboration “No Regrets” possesses the type of refrain -- “Only me! No regrets!” -- that would result in endless arm-raising within the dance tent at a major festival

IAMDDB, “Silver Lines”

Diana De Brito, who records as IAMDDB, showcases her full skill set on new single “Silver Lines,” which blends a variety of sonic influences -- British rap, neo-soul, jazz instrumentation and pop melodies -- into a seamless, giddy whole. As an anthem focused on the importance of global sisterhood, “Silver Lines” lets its creator fully shine as she supports those who surround her.

Juice, “Superimposed”

Christian Rose, the singer and violinist of Brooklyn band Juice, spent one night last fall tinkering with a synth line and idea about the complexities of dealing with an ex, which ultimately became the whimsical dance-pop workout “Superimposed.” Whenever Juice -- which will kick off a headlining tour in October -- plays this one live, the roof is going to blow off.

Luz, “Permanent + 1”

Irish singer-songwriter Luz has released a piano ballad that stuns in its details -- the line “When I receive an invitation to bring along someone / I’ll always tick the box and write your name” unlocks the titular phrase -- and picks up momentum as it races through the personal imperfections that must be accepted in any relationship in order to find peace.

Diveliner, “Heavy Metal”

The latest from the L.A.-based singer-producer continues down his grunge-pop path -- a lane currently resonating on the charts, and one that Diveliner has been exploring for some time. While he throws his voice around on “Heavy Metal," delivering a sturdy whisper one moment and a fragile howl the next, it's clear he's still learning how to play around with what he can do -- but is eager to show off his growth.

Blake Rose, “Casanova”

Managed by the same team as Billie Eilish, Australian singer-songwriter Blake Rose may very well take off soon, especially with songs like "Casanova.” The hollow-sounding guitar plucking that opens the track supports Rose's crisp vocal, setting the stage for the song to blossom into a pure pop single about playing the game of love.

Joy Crookes, “Skin”

Following a 2020 Brit Awards nomination for Rising Star, Joy Crookes recently teased on Twitter that she will soon make "one of the most important" announcements in her career. Until then, she's satisfying fans with her latest single "Skin," a stark and beautiful track that features the English artist's voice over nothing more than some strings and piano.

Bickle, “Talk Words”

Bickle, an emerging artist from Atlanta, released his debut single in March 2020 -- a tough time for any new artist hoping to cut through, but he's managed to make some headway. His latest single, "Talk Words,” is a breezy, summer-inspired pop tune that confirms he's only going to keep rising.

Wet, "Larabar"

Since parting ways with Columbia, Wet is newly independent and a trio once more -- and latest single "Larabar" is a direct result of such changes. The free-form, glitchy track sounds more experimental and lush than the music on its more pop-leaning second album Still Run, and is a promising indication that the group’s upcoming album, Letter Blue, will follow suit.