P!nk Talks BBMA Icon Honor, Plays 'Misname That Song' on 'Tonight Show'

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P!nk on 'The Tonight Show.'

She also talked about the time she met, and freaked out, Steve Buscemi.

P!nk dropped by The Tonight Show on Monday night (May 17) to promote her upcoming documentary, All I Know So Far, play a fun music game and talk about the time she ran into legendary character actor Steve Buscemi early in her career. As host Jimmy Fallon explained, recent guest Buscemi said that years ago P!nk ran up to him years ago to reveal that her stage name was inspired by his Reservoir Dogs character Mr. Pink.

Fallon described Buscemi being a bit freaked out by the encounter and then feeling bad for brushing the young singer off. "To be fair, I ran at him on a New York street. I'm like a hummingbird with my love, I'm very aggressive," P!nk laughed in recalling the incident. Describing her all-silver outfit, short pink hair and a tongue ring ensemble that day, P!nk recreated the way she bellowed, 'You're Steve Buscemi and you're Mr. Pink and I'm P!nk and you're pink and I'm gonna be so famous!!!! And I just love you!!!"

Understandably a bit spooked, she said Buscemi was like, "What the f---? AHHH!!!," as she and Fallon collapsed in laughter and the singer acknowledged that she would have reacted the same way. "It was a lot. It was a lot." They have not seen each other since, by the way.

She also smiled as Fallon read a list of other artists who've gotten the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards -- including Cher, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Prince and Garth Brooks -- a group she will join at Sunday night's 2021 (May 23) event. "That's a lot of pressure. At first I was like, 'Oh, it's the old lady award. I'm getting the old lady award,'" she laughed. "But no, it's amazing! I read the names and I was like, 'they got this wrong.'"

But, any time she gets eight minutes to perform P!nk said she's super psyched. "I'm probably looking forward to this performance more than I have looked forward to one in a very long time,' she said.

Though she never wanted to put out a live album or documentary, P!nk said she missed live music so much that when she listened to the set list she couldn't resist diving into All I Know So Far, which is out on Amazon Video on Friday (May 21). "We do [a cover of Queen's] 'We Are the Champions' at Rock in Rio in Brazil and I was just instantly back there with 100,000 people sweating and happy and it just makes me feel good" she said.

The singer also put her music knowledge to the test in a new Tonight Show game called "Misname That Song." The rules were simple: read the incorrect name of the song on the card and your partner has to try to figure out as many right answers as possible in 45 seconds. P!nk went first and was tasked with trying to guess such goofy mix-ups as "Salutations, Judith," which immediately stumped her.

"Greetings, Judy?" she said with a confused look. 'Uhhh, I don't know! Next?" (It was "Hey Jude," btw.) The next one was a bit easier, "At Such Time in Which Birds Get Emotional." Well, it should have been, but she had to ask husband Carey Hart for help. Jimmy gave her a clue by revealing that it's a Prince song. "'Purple Rain'?" she said confused, which caused the whole studio audience and The Roots to crack up.

So, zero points for P!nk. They switched places and, shocker, Jimmy crushed it. "William Jean?" Duh, "Billie Jean." How about "Contact Me Via Telephone, Potentially?" C'mon, "Call Me Maybe,"duh. Fallon stumbled on "Please Continue Having Faith in That Thing," until P!nk sang the chorus to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

He redeemed himself, though, with "The Aroma of Adolescent Energy," which he immediately know was Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Watch P!nk on The Tonight Show below.