Justin Bieber Picks Fresh 'Peaches' With Classroom Instruments on 'Tonight Show'

Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots
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Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Sing "Peaches" (Classroom Instruments) | The Tonight Show

Justin Bieber joined The Roots and Jimmy Fallon in the Tonight Show classroom on Monday night (Apr. 26) for a revamped run through his single "Peaches." Posted up at a toy piano, Bieber plunked out the song's longing melody as he opened the performance solo, dressed down in a grey sweatshirt and black knit cap.

As the camera panned out, JB took center square in the colorful Brady Bunch-like arrangement with the Roots and Fallon all arond him, banging on plastic buckets and cowbells and shaking a variety of percussion instruments. Ever the gentleman, Justin even stood down for Fallon to take over the second verse, letting him sing lead as the show's host jiggled a plastic peach shaker and harmonized with drummer Questlove.

Getting creative, the Roots amped up their oddball beat game by rhythmically ripping sheets of brown paper to bring it home as Bieber crooned, "Left my girl, I'm in Majorca/ Hate to leave her, call it torture/ Remember when I couldn't hold her." They landed the plane with Bieber singing solo again as the Roots and Fallon joined in on kazoos and slammed it shut with a coordinated popping of paper bags.

Watch Bieber and the Tonight Show crew rock "Peaches" below.