Louis Tomlinson Trolls Liam Payne Into Calling Him Back (Again)

If you're Louis Tomlinson and your old bandmate won't answer the phone when you call, you can just sic your 35 million-plus Twitter followers on him.

That's what the One Direction singer did Thursday (April 15) to Liam Payne, tweeting, "I see you on Instagram lad @LiamPayne, answer your phone!!!!!"

Payne was busy over on IG Stories showing off his new short haircut along with a really impressive watercolor painting of the late Prince Phillip. Tomlinson took note of his friend's artistic skills, adding on Twitter, "Boss drawing and that but get your priorities straight."

Meanwhile, the Directioners mobilized, getting "louis and liam" and "ANSWER YOUR PHONE," among other related phrases, to the top Twitter trends. While the duo had fans on the edges of their seats, the suspense was short-lived: During a Twitter Q&A just over an hour later, Tomlinson revealed that the game of phone tag was resolved.

"did liam answer you?" a fan tweeted at Louis. "Just spoke to him," Tomlinson confirmed.

This isn't the first time Tomlinson has used Twitter as his personal answering machine: Back in October, he tweeted, "Answer your phone then di--head @LiamPayne." And in April 2018, he tweeted, "@LiamPayne wake up di--head and give me a ring !!" So at least he didn't call him names this time?

Fans had a field day with the phone drama, loving that they got a "season two" with Thursday's tweet. See some of their best reactions below:

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