Demi Lovato Recreates Hospital Scene From Her 2018 Overdose in 'Dancing With the Devil' Music Video Sneak Peek

Demi Lovato
Austin Hargrave

Demi Lovato photographed on Feb. 20, 2018 at The Flamingo House in Sacramento, Calif.

Demi Lovato recreates a painful scene following her near-fatal 2018 overdose in the "Dancing With the Devil" music video, which Good Morning America shared a sneak peek of on Thursday (April 1).

Lovato belts out the stirring ballad from her hospital bed in the ICU dark room while hooked up to an IV, a tube coming out of her neck that her mother, Dianna De La Garza, described "was taking her blood into a machine, cleaning it and then putting it back into her neck" in the second episode of her YouTube Originals docuseries Dancing With the Devil.

In some scenes, her family is seen tearfully watching over her and holding her hand while she lays unconscious. While replaying one of the darkest moments of the pop star's life, the music video's co-directors Lovato and Michael D. Ratner (who also helmed the docuseries and produced through his OBB Media company) try matching every little detail of the night of her overdose, from her hair color to the green jacket she wore out.

The full music video will be released on Friday, the same day as her seventh studio album Dancing With the Devil... The Art of Starting Over.

The detail-oriented "Dancing With the Devil" visual relates to the vivid picture the second verse paints about her struggle with addiction: "It's just a little white line, I'll be fine/ But soon, that little white line is a little glass pipe/ Tinfoil remedy, almost got the best of me/ I keep praying I don't reach the end of my lifetime."

Watch a sneak peek of Lovato's "Dancing With the Devil" music video below.

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