The Weeknd Drops Sensual 'Try Me' Vertical Video to Celebrate 'My Dear Melancholy' Anniversary

The Weeknd
Pari Dukovic

The Weeknd

The Weeknd dropped a sensual selfie video for "Try Me" on Tuesday (March 30) in celebration of the three-year anniversary of his My Dear Melancholy EP. In a tweet with the cheeky message, "found this on my camera roll," the singer included the vertical visual for the longing ballad, in which he lip synchs to the song from the front seat of a car, with a tangle of writhing bodies behind him wrapping their limbs around each other.

Wearing a black baseball hat and acid washed jean jacket, the singer croons, "Can you try me? Try me?/ Once you put your pride aside/ You can notify me/ You're the best I ever had/ Baby girl, remind me, -mind me/ Let me know if it's on/ And you know where to find me, find me/ Having thoughts you never had, yeah."

After zeroing in on the backseat lovers, Abel switches the camera's gaze to a pair of women hugging it out in a parking lot before swinging the lens back to the models in the car, whose eyes ominously glow green and red amid the flashing lights inside the vehicle. The Weeknd has been in a nostalgic mood recently, releasing the 10th anniversary edition of his lauded 2011 debut mixtape, House of Balloons, to streaming services for the first time last week in its original format with the original mixes and samples.

Watch the video and check out the tweet below.

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