Olivia Rodrigo Wipes Her Instagram Account, Posts Cryptic Teasers

"Drivers License" hitmaker Olivia Rodrigo headed into the weekend clearing out all of her Instagram posts and leaving fans with many questions about what's going on.

The singer and actress removed all of the previous photos she'd shared on the account and has since uploaded a handful of unexplained silent videos playing on an old-school television.

The first one, posted on Friday (March 26), shows an ice cream cone melting.

The second one, posted on Saturday (March 27), shows snapshots of a drive by the ocean.

The third one, posted on Sunday (March 28), shows Rodrigo walking around aimlessly, then quickly turning back in the direction she came from.

No sound accompanied the videos, and they were posted without captions.

Fans demanded an explanation in the comments, with some likening her mysterious clues to the kind of lead-up her idol Taylor Swift might drop ahead of a new project reveal.

"YOU'RE PULLING A TAYLOR," one wrote, while another asked, "what in the taylor swift."

Actress Kiernan Shipka had the top comment on the ice cream clip, noting, "I’ve never been excited about a melting ice cream cone before but now I am????"

Before she deleted everything, Rodrigo had been freaking out about Swift's newly-released Fearless era track "You All Over Me."

Meanwhile, her own "Drivers License" just accelerated to the top of another Billboard chart, rising to the top spot on Adult Pop Airplay (dated March 27).

See mysterious teaser No. 1 on Instagram here, check out teaser No. 2 here and tune in to teaser No. 3 here.

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