Watch James Corden's Hilariously Smooth Silk Sonic Parody

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"Leave the TV On" a Silk Sonic Parody on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'

Forget the door, it's time to 'Leave the TV On.'

There's no denying that Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak's Silk Sonic side band is smooth as hell. So smooth, in fact, that James Corden wasted no time parodying the dynamic duo's just-released debut single, "Leave The Door Open," on Monday night's (March 15) Late Late Show.

Less than 24 hours after Mars and .Paak pulled off the velvety TV debut of "Door" at Sunday night's Grammys, Corden and his house band slipped into their polyester best for a very funny spoof of the song aimed at encouraging tune in.

"What you doin'/ Where you at/ Goin' to bed/ It's so late," band leader Reggie Watts crooned from behind the kit over the chilled-out R&B track. "You watched the news (local)/ Then Colbert (Stephen)/ What'd ya think, what'd ya think/ Well, I don't care (whooo)."

With Corden providing chilled-out backing vocals and hilarious counter-lines about his omnipresent man Spanx, Watts glided into the heat of the late night sandwich meat.

"I know you're sleeping/ And dreaming on the East Coast/ On the West Coast we'll be waiting for ratings/ You don't have to stay up," he sang before the boss took over in his classy falsetto. "But our numbers will drop/ If you touch the remote," Corden pleaded. "So if you're gonna head up to bed/ Could ya leave the TV on?/ Could ya leave the TV on?... If you wanna show us love but you're tryin to get some shuteye tonight, baby/ You can leave the show on mute, girl."

The send-up came after the newly formed pair landed themselves a spot on the Grammys telecast, where they made their debut TV performance with a retro '70s vibe that found them pulling off smooth choreography in their matching burnt orange leisure suits in a room filled with twinkly lights.

Watch the parody below.

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