5 Very Good 'Bad Guy' Covers, From EXO's Chanyeol to Bastille

Billie Eilish
Heather Hazzan

Billie Eilish photographed on April 18, 2019 at SunLight Studios in Los Angeles.

You know you've touched a cultural nerve when the first single from your debut album gets recorded over and over in styles ranging from ska to deathcore and just about everything in between.

That's the case with Billie Eilish's No. 1 hit "Bad Guy," which other artists just can't stop interpreting.

Below are five of our favorite takes.

1. EXO's Chanyeol

The latest version comes from EXO member Chanyeol, whose bossa nova and ska-tinged version popped up in the trailer for his upcoming film The Box on March 1.

2. The Interrupters

Speaking of ska, L.A.'s The Interrupters gave the tune a skankin' riddim and wicked trombone solo for their 2019 take on the song from the singer who they called a "breath of fresh air for music!"

3. Bastille

One of the earliest takes came from Bastille, who popped into the Radio 1 at BBC Maida Vale Studios in June 2019 for a wild-and-wooly version that incorporated Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," Dick Dale's "Misirlou," and their own "Bad Decisions" into the ambitious, rocking mix.

4. Toli Wild

A few months later, YouTuber Toli Wild uploaded his deathcore cover of the hit, whose lyrics somehow sounded just right even in a thrashy, growly style.

5. Novelbright

In 2020, J-pop rockers Novelbright took their shot during YouTube's Music Foundry Fest, debuting the first official Japanese cover of the song, which was arranged by guitarist Kaito Yamada, with some impressive whistling from two-time international whistling champion singer Yudai Takenaka.

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