Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer Met For the First Time on Set of 'What Other People Say' Video

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato
Angelo Kritikos

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato took fans behind the scenes of their stirring collab “What Other People Say” in a new Vevo Footnotes video, which premiered on Friday (Feb. 26).

In the Footnotes installment, Fischer and Lovato share the symbolism behind “What Other People Say,” as well as how director Dano Cerny brought the song to life in the subway-themed visual. “Dano’s [treatment] hit me like a ton of bricks -- he’s a boss on set, someone I trusted immediately and gives incredible energy for every take,” Fischer says.

The video also notes that Lovato and Fischer met for the first time on set, and “had instant chemistry.” Lovato explains of the track (which was released on Feb. 4), “You can feel connected to someone out there that’s going through the same thing you’re going through, even though you’ve never met. I think in these times of isolation and loneliness, it’s a really important and timely message.”

Watch the latest Vevo Footnotes clip to learn more about the making of “What Other People Say” below.