Kelly Clarkson Meets the First Dogs, Makes 'Dramatic' White House Entrance

Jill Biden
Courtesy Photo

Jill Biden on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show.'

Kelly Clarkson made the most of her visit with First Lady Jill Biden at the White House this week, as evidenced by new video in which she greets First Dogs Champ and Major and films (well, re-films) her A-list entrance to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

"I always wanted to make a dramatic White House entrance… just like Annette Bening in The American President," Clarkson wrote on Twitter alongside a selfie video in which she hangs around outside the White House.

"I wasn't able to film in the beginning because I thought... I don't know, the Secret Service was going to take me down, so this is a dramatic redo," a masked Clarkson says in one clip as she does a re-do of her grand entrance, taking time to note that she is barefoot, because all those marble floors were making her dogs bark.

Speaking of the First Family's best friends, in addition to getting advice on how to make it through a divorce from First Lady Jill Biden, Clarkson got to meet the presidential pups. The dogs came over to greet Kelly, who asked if there was anywhere they are not allowed to go. Answer: the furniture, though Major tried to sneak up onto a couch the other day and slinked down when Dr. Biden walked in the room.

In an interview with Biden that ran on Clarkson's syndicated talk show on Thursday (Feb. 25), the First Lady offered comforting advice about carrying on after a relationship's dissolution to the singer, who is in the midst of a divorce from her former husband. The socially distanced conversation in the East Room also included Clarkson singing one of Dr. Biden's favorite songs, The Youngbloods' 1967 anthem, "Get Together."

They also discussed Biden's fiercer side, as when the Philadelphia native jumped up to protect her husband when someone rushed him on the stage during a campaign event in 2020, the importance of balancing work and motherhood, as well as why and how a scrunchie Biden wore became a trending topic on Twitter recently.

Watch Clarkson's hang with Dr. Biden and the dogs and talk scrunchies below.