Watch Rick Astley React to 'The Voice' Judges Covering 'Together Forever': Exclusive

Rick Astley
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Rick Astley's Reaction to the Coaches' "Together Forever" Music Video - The Voice 2021

You've got to wake up pretty early in the morning to Rick Roll the Rick Roller. That's what happened when British singer Rick Astley was told that the coaches from The Voice had filmed a remake of his iconic 1988 video for "Together Forever."

In the clip, which opens with some crackly, vintage 1980s VHS vibes, Astley lights up when he sees Blake Shelton doing an awkward, hunched-shoulder dance as he's joined by an acid wash-drenched Nick Jonas and a shoulder-pad rocking Kelly Clarkson.

John Legend, decked out in a fringed leather jacket, pulls off his own Breakfast Club-worthy steps, which clearly delights Astley, who is checking it all out on his phone. "That is priceless," Astley chuckles as Clarkson shakes her gold necklaces and matching chunky belt. "I have to stop for a second. All my dreams have just come true," Astley says after Shelton starts singing the opening verse with a down-home twang.

With crack choreography that Astley calls "incredible," the quartet amp it up when Clarkson adds a "little bit of soul" to the bright, shiny grooves of Astley's signature smash. "Who knew? Kelly and John's voices together? Sounds amazing," Astley notes. "It's a crazy feeling having some of the best vocalists in the world sing an old song of yours from back in the day. That is very, very special... even if they are doing it in a cheesy way."

Season 20 of The Voice is back on NBC on March 1.

Get an exclusive first look at the video of Astley's reaction below.