14 Times 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Have Appeared in Music Videos

Lisa Vanderpump
Courtesy Photo

Lisa Vanderpump in Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y." music video.

It's clear the cast of Vanderpump Rules have higher aspirations than to be waitstaff and bartenders for their rest of their  lives. After all, former star Stassi Schroeder is now a New York Times bestselling author, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright -- who are also no longer on the show -- are trying to launch their own beer cheese, while Toms Sandoval and Schwartz are business partners in popular Hollywood bar TomTom.

As shown over the eight seasons of Bravo's hit series, many of the SURvers have some kind of musical inclination, with the cast members often collaborating on songs and starring in each other's music videos. (Remember that awkward bedroom scene featuring Brett Caprioni in Scheana Shay's "One More Time"? Or Sandoval project Charles McMansion's "TIP"?)

With cocktail recipe book author Ariana Madix now starring in a non-VPR rap video (though it might inspire self-proclaimed "White Kanye" James Kennedy to tap her next), we decided to round up the music videos various Vanderpump Rules stars have appeared in over the years that aren't another cast member's.  So raise your glasses high and enjoy!

Lisa Vanderpump

"G.U.Y.," Lady Gaga, 2014
LVP wasn't the only Beverly Hills housewife in Gaga's video: Yolanda Hadid, Carlton Gebbia, Kyle Richards and even Lisa's beloved late pup Giggy appeared, though Vanderpump had the most scenes of her fellow RHOBH stars. In one, she even snaps the neck of an unlucky businessman.

"(What) In the Name of Love," Naked Eyes, 1984
Decades before finding reality TV fame, Vanderpump appeared in this music video, in which she attends a fancy party held at a mansion, and also works out in some very '80s gear. Oh, and it looks like she was part of a scheme to fleece some very rich man.

"Poison Arrow," ABC, 1982
The business mogul -- who was only 22 at the time -- mesmerized as a stunning star of the stage in this early '80s video from English pop band ABC. With her metallic eye makeup and perfectly teased hair, she stole hearts and crushed them just as quickly.

Tom Sandoval

"Samantha's Gone," Corey Taylor, 2021
Sandoval helped the Slipknot frontman poke a little fun at indie rock bands by playing a rocker himself. And in true Sandoval fashion, he rocked the part in an elaborate costume that included a mullet wig and gold chains.

"I Do Coke," Kill the Noise and Feed Me, 2016
The SUR bartender-turned-businessman went way more adult in this music video, which YouTube put behind an age restriction. In it -- like the title suggests -- he enjoys the white powder and proceeds to go out of his mind with wild visions.

"Misunderstood," Bon Jovi, 2002
The TomTom partner plays a guy -- with an extremely luscious head of hair, unsurprisingly -- whose girlfriend catches him cheating. While explaining the situation, Sandoval's character recounts his terrible, no good, very bad day and how it was a total misunderstanding as to how he came to find himself in his birthday suit in bed with Camila Alves, the future Mrs. Matthew McConaughey herself.

"All About Lovin' You," Bon Jovi, 2002
Back with his long, flowing mane, Sandoval this time played the same young man from the "Misunderstood" video, but is now seemingly in the depths of despair after a breakup. In a nod to the prior video, the secret password makes another appearance, as does the scene where he gets caught "cheating." But the dark video ended with a surprising twist.

Tom Schwartz

"This Little Girl," Cady Groves, 2011
Schwartz played a heartbreaker opposite the late artist, walking away and rejecting her love. Blake Shelton also made an appearance as a tow-truck driver who takes her car as she's illegally parked to spy on Schwartzy, who, it turns out, already has a new love interest!

Ariana Madix

"Oops!" by Yung Gravy, 2021
The bartender's project is the most recent of the bunch, appearing in rapper Yung Gravy's video, which dropped Feb. 11. In the colorful video, Madix gets cozy with Gravy -- and a brightly colored bird.

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz

"Everything Has Changed," Best Coast, 2020
Longtime VPR couples Katie and Schwartz and Ariana and Sandoval (as alter ego Chip Harley!) faced off in an '80s-style game show as host/lead singer Bethany Cosentino had a meltdown. Turns out the grand prize wasn't all that grand ...

Sandoval and Schwartz

"SNAP!" The Potash Twins, 2019
The dynamic duo of Tom and Tom are together again -- and not behind a bar. In the video starring Terry Crews and his dancing pecs, the two friends make a quick cameo, raising their martini glasses -- and eyebrows -- for the cameras.

Lala Kent

"I'll Always Be Young," Shaun Barrowes, 2013
The former SUR hostess and sometime aspiring singer-actress looks lovely in this video. As she wanders a lush forest and golden fields, a man who is creepily aging backward after seeing her followers her around until he's returned to his youth, at which point, they are in love. Obviously.

Beau Clark

"You and Me," Lifehouse, 2005
You'd think it'd be his wife and (now former) VPR star Stassi Schroeder who'd have been in music videos, but nope, it's relative newcomer Beau. In the video for the song, which peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100, a very shaggy-haired Beau is desperately searching a transit station for his love.

Brittany Cartwright

"Drinking Side of Country," Bucky Covington feat. Shooter Jennings, 2012
Blink and you might miss her! Years before she found herself in Jax Taylor's arms, Kentucky girl Brittany made a very quick appearance in this Bucky Covington video. In the scenes where he and Shooter are gathered with a bunch of people drinking and singing, Brittany is sitting in the bottom left corner in a red bikini top and white denim vest.