Pentatonix Reflect on Their Come-Up for 'The Lucky Ones' Performance on 'Kimmel'

Dennis Leupold


Pentatonix reflected on their humble beginnings for a performance of their new single "The Lucky Ones" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday.

The a cappella group gathered around a small living room setting with a beaten-up olive-green leather couch and matching piano. This marks the quintet's first time performing the song live since its release two weeks ago. "The Lucky Ones" is from their upcoming album of the same name, which will be released Feb. 12 and can be pre-ordered from their website.

"Look how far we've come/ And it was all so unexpected/ We were broke and we were young/ But somehow we stayed connected," the members harmonize during the chorus. "So we hold on to our better days/ 'Cause easy come, easy go away/ Still can't believe we were the lucky ones/ Look how far we've come."

Watch their performance of "The Lucky Ones" on Kimmel below.