Hayley Williams Hand-Delivered a CD of New Song 'My Limb' to Superfan

In the dead of the night, Williams snuck up to Carly Butler's house under a Wolf Moon.

Hayley Williams made a special delivery to one of her Nashville superfans during Thursday night's (Jan. 29) Wolf Moon, slipping a copy of the unreleased track "My Limb" to Carly Butler and giving her permission to "leak" it.

The hand-off from what the Paramore singer joked in an Instagram Stories video was her new service, "Murder Postmates," contained a slow burn, mid tempo track.

“Did Hayley Williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a CD with her new song on it or are you having a normal night,” Butler tweeted about the unexpected visit from the Williams, who chronicled the dead-of-night hand-off in a cheeky video. "Okay, we're going to drop off a Sanctuary candle and a burnt copy of one of the songs to Carly in Nashville right now," said a masked Williams in the night vision shoot. "I hope she doesn't think I'm coming to murder her if she looks out her window at just the right time. Or I hope she does, I don't know."

Once she walks up to the house, Williams gets super nervous and jokes that "neighborhood watch has got a really tight b---hole right now." The singer then stuffs the CD in Carly's mailbox, honks the horn and takes off running. Williams also marked the stealth maneuver in a moody, black and white Instagram post that pictured her under the first full moon of 2021 with her dog in tow and the caption, "i made alf wear a cape for this shit. happy wolf moon and especially to you, @ylracbutler."

On "My Limb," Williams sings, "If you gotta amputate Don't give me the tourniquet/ You wish that I would run away/ Sever what isn't working/ But I let my body bleed out/ Lean into my left side/ If your part of me is gone now/ Do I wanna survive?"

Listen to "My Limb" below and see some of Butler's tweets about the unexpected visit.