Zayn Shows Us How His 'Vibez' Music Video Came to Be in Behind-the-Scenes Clip

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ZAYN "Vibez" Behind The Scenes Video

Zayn took center stage in his theatrical "Vibez" music video earlier this month, and now he's taking his fans behind the scenes of his "one-man show."

A new video shows how the crew pulled off the music video, which was directed by Ben Mor and produced by London Alley, in a vintage theater. Zayn gets the best seat in the house and later maneuvers through the city in a makeshift car on the moving set. He also walks on a mini-treadmill to give the impression that he's walking through a forest at night.

Stagehands flap a blue tarp to make it look like Zayn's wading through rough waters while rowing his S.S. Malik boat.

"Vibez" is from Zayn's third solo studio album Nobody Is Listening, which he released Jan. 15 as a follow-up to 2018's Icarus Falls. The new album debuted at No. 44 on the Billboard 200 in the week ending Jan. 30, and the song peaked at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week.

Watch the "Vibez" behind-the-scenes video below.