6 ‘Drivers License’ Covers You Need to Hear -- Including Two Approved by Olivia Rodrigo

It's been less than two weeks since Olivia Rodrigo's heartbroken anthem "Drivers License" took over the music scene, and not only has the song skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it has inspired a number of covers.

It's no surprise that artists are putting their own spin on Rodrigo's hit. It's emotional, it's catchy and it's so relatable for anyone who has mourned a lost love.

We've compiled our favorite takes on "Drivers License" -- including two with Rodrigo's stamp of approval. See them below.

JC Stewart

The 23-year-old UK-based artist uploaded a black and white snippet to Twitter, singing "Drivers License" with an acoustic guitar in hand. Stewart's honeyed vocals caught the attention of Rodrigo herself, and she replied, "wtf I have full body chills. ur voice is insane."

"Ahhhh you’re too kind! The song is unbelievable," Stewart gushed in response. "Like silly good. Congrats!!!

Cammi McDermott

The 21-year-old Taylor Swift fan took "Drivers License" to the next level by mashing it up with Swift's "My Tears Ricochet."

Rodrigo supported her fellow Swiftie's rendition, simply commenting, "chills."

Danielle Bradbery

The 24-year-old The Voice winner uploaded a "Stairwell Session" in which she flawlessly belted the heartfelt Hot 100 chart topper.

"I asked y’all what I should do next in the stairwell and this song was the most requested," she wrote in the caption. "Now I know the hype!!! This melody!!!! [mind-blown emoji] ..this song!!!

See it here.

jxdn and Travis Barker

jxdn (real name Jaden Hossler) and the Blink-182 drummer teamed up for a rocked out rendition of the song, featuring Hossler's vocals and a sleek drum beat from Barker.

"thank you so much @olivia.rodrigo for making the beautiful song!¡" Hossler wrote on Instagram on January 19. "me and @travisbarker fw it so much we put our spin on it."

James Charles

Beauty guru James Charles delivered his version of "Drivers License" on YouTube, complete with spacey pink and purple lighting. "I've been obsessed with singing this song & was really nervous to upload this so I really hope you like my take on it," he wrote in the description.

Ally Salort

"This song is beautiful. That's all I have to say," the singer simply proclaimed before delving into her soothing YouTube cover.