Dionne Warwick Joined TikTok -- But No, She Will Not Be Doing the 'Buss It' Challenge

Dionne Warwick
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Dionne Warwick attends her birthday and Proclamation celebration at iWi Fresh Garden Day Spa on Dec. 19, 2019 in Atlanta.

"Don't make me delete TikTok before I even start," Warwick warned.

Dionne Warwick's reign on Twitter might spill over to TikTok, once she's got enough of a following on the new-to-her social media platform.

"Ok... Auntie created a TikTok. If I get enough followers I’ll start using that platform. Who knows what I’ll create," she tweeted on Saturday (Jan. 16) with a laughing emoji.

"I am told that the possibilities are endless," Warwick added in another tweet.

The legendary singer, whose wit has become a treasure to the Twitter crowd, promised she'll start becoming active on TikTok "when I gain enough followers."

Just don't expect her to follow all the trends. "I just asked my team what the 'buss it' challenge was," wrote Warwick, after followers apparently suggested she try it out. "Why are you asking me to do that? Don’t make me delete TikTok before I even start."

In another message, she scolded, "Use the good sense God gave you."

See her tweets below (and don't worry: she has no plans to stop tweeting), and follow her on TikTok at @dionnethesinger.

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