Kelly Clarkson Is a Lot Country on Fiery Kellyoke Cover of The Chicks' 'Sin Wagon'

Kelly Clarkson
Courtesy Photo

Kelly Clarkson covers "Sin Wagon" by The Chicks during 'Kellyoke.'

Kelly Clarkson performed a spirited run through The Chicks' "Sin Wagon" on Thursday's (Jan. 14) edition of Kellyoke.

The Texas-born singer, who has always had a healthy dose of giddyup in her voice, leaned hard into the song from the Chicks' -- then known as the Dixie Chicks -- 1999 smash album Fly, complete with furious fiddle, galloping stand-up bass and a raucous cowgirl yelp at the end.

The song, whose title was inspired by a scene in the movie Grease, hit No. 52 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart in the fall of 1999 and features some of the Chicks' signature provocative lyrics. It opens with Clarkson breathlessly singing, "He pushed me 'round/ Now I'm drawin' the line/ He lived his life/ Now I'm gonna go live mine/ I'm sick of wastin' my time/ Well now I've been good for way too long/ Found my red dress and I'm gonna throw it on/ 'Bout to get too far gone," before she busts into the verse that raised some dust in the country world.

"On a mission to make something happen/ Feel like Delilah lookin' for Samson/ Do a little mattress dancin'/ That's right I said mattress dancin'," Clarkson sang.

The high-kicking song capped a week of more sedate R&B ballads on The Kelly Clarkson Show, which included Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," LP's "Lost on You" and Toni Braxton's "Another Sad Love Song."

Watch Clarkson sing "Sin Wagon" below.