Listen Carefully to the Sound of Kelly Clarkson Covering Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'

Sadly, no skateboard or fruit juice, though.

The 2020 viral gift that keeps on giving has done it again. On Wednesday's (Jan. 13) show, Kelly Clarkson took a swing at Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and, shocker, she slayed it.

The respectful, soulful ramble through the 1977 Rumours No. 1 smash that blew up all over again late last year when unlikely TikTok star Nathan Apodaca pushed it to the top of the charts again thanks to his viral juiced-up skateboarding video was like buttah in Kelly's hands.

It's been that kind of ballad-intensive week on The Kelly Clarkson Show, one that has already found her tackling LP's "Lost on You" and Toni Braxton's "Another Sad Love Song." The Mac original was released as the second single from the mega-platinum Rumours, hitting the top of the Billboard Hot 100 tally on June 18, 1977, giving the band their only No. 1 single to date.

Apodaca's video, in which he lip synchs to the song while skateboarding and drinking some Ocean Spray cranberry juice gave the song its latest boost, pushing it to No. 21 on the Hot 100 for its best streaming and sales week ever.

Watch Clarkson's take on "Dreams" below.